I was born and raised in the Northwestern United States. That’s right, Sasquatch country. My life was the quintessential suburb experience. There was Disneyland, camping, weekend ski trips and obligatory summer vacations in Eastern Washington—You know, where wine comes from? Photography grabbed me after being exposed to snowboard magazines and live concerts, which ultimately led to me taking a bunch of photography classes in high school. I wanted to be like Blotto and Jim Marshall. It also could have been all the Spielberg movies. The jury is out on that one.

My wife and I live in Bellevue, WA and we both love to travel. I like old, rusty things, Spaghetti Westerns, motorcycles, sunsets in the Southwest, cigars and bourbon. Road trips, roller-coasters and dogs also share a special corner of my heart. I wake up before the sun almost every day and love connecting with other humans.

Everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours?